Better Support = Better Success!

Child and Family Resources, LLC was born of a desire to serve children through young adults in Williamson County and the surrounding areas who are struggling with emotional and behavioral issues and/or special needs challenges at home, at school, or in the community.  We come directly into your home to assess the family dynamic and provide coaching and support, not only for your child, but for your whole family. Licensed ABA therapy services can also be made available to families of special needs children through referral.

We know that parents are their child’s main resource and advocate; therefore, our goal is to connect and support the whole family. We want to help you help your child thrive! Based on similar programs used in other states, our methods are shown to increase your child’s chances to flourish; for we have learned that better support = better success!

Please Note: Child and Family Resources, LLC is a child and family wellness coaching service. We train, model, and build on our families’ strengths. We do not provide counseling services.

Child and Family Resources, LLC is pleased to be able to offer presentations on a variety of behavioral and wellness topics relevant to schools, businesses, churches, parents, and other community groups. For a list of just some of the topics on which we can provide educational and experiential information, please see our Presentation Topics page.