How We Can Help

In-Home Coaching & Support:

Child and Family Resources will assess, develop, and implement behavioral strategies to fit your child’s specific needs. We also coach and model those strategies within the family setting. If you are already seeing a behavioral health provider, we can supplement their methods. We know it’s no simple matter to create the environment of structure, calm, and consistency your child needs in the home or how hard it is to get a child to put anger management techniques into practice. A Child and Family Resources Coach can help you customize your health provider’s recommendations, establish and reinforce them in your home, as well as help you stay on track with them.

If your child has special needs and requires Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy, Child and Family Resources, LLC is pleased to be able to connect you with an ABA licensed therapist who accepts insurance.

Educating You to Get the Best:

Child and Family Resources seeks to educate parents about all potential resources and up-to-date, research-based treatments and therapies specific to your child’s needs. Examples include treatment and intervention methods such as ABA, genetic and developmental disorders; cognitive and attachment therapies; physical, emotional, and sexual trauma therapies and substance abuse/addiction therapies; as well as, testing and assessments for occupational, physical, speech, sensory, audio-processing, ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, and other specific disorders. We want you to be an informed consumer, getting the most specialized and best quality assistance available for your child.

Advocating for Your Child:

We will gladly serve as a liaison with other behavioral health professionals, as well as with all school and community personnel to advocate for your child and provide further cohesion and collaboration among the members of your support team. We can provide helpful input and even look into the availability of medical, educational, and behavioral resources available to your child.

Individualized Support & Training:

Last, but certainly not least, Child and Family Resource Coaches want to provide individualized emotional support for your child, other siblings, or household members and, very importantly, the parents. Our service is unique in that we come directly into your home to provide hands-on assistance and training. We look at your entire family’s strengths and weaknesses and supply in-home coaching and support for you and your child and all other family members. We’ll go the extra mile so everyone in your family can grow together!

Please Note: Child and Family Resources, LLC is a child and family wellness coaching service. We train, model, and build on our families’ strengths. We do not provide counseling services.