Our Fees


  • One hour initial consultation is free.
  • Further service time is purchased by retainers in increments of $250 (i.e. $250, $500, $750, etc.)
  • For weekday sessions beginning by 6:15 p.m. – $50/hr.
  • Limited weeknight and weekend hours are available at $65/hr.
  • For service provided outside Williamson County additional fees will apply.
  • Service is billed in 15 minute intervals
  • Phone consultations can be incorporated into a plan and are billed at regular rates.

All payments must be made by check or cash (we do not accept credit cards at this time) and should be given directly to the Child and Family Resources Coach. We regret that Child and Family Resources, LLC does not accept insurance at this time.

Please contact Child and Family Resources to request other payment arrangements. All requests will be considered on an individual basis.

For eligible families, we have identified two grant sources, Family Service Funds (ARC of Williamson County) and United Healthcare Children’s Foundation, which can cover not only our services, but the services of other care providers as well. Child and Family Resources will be glad to assist you in completing and submitting the necessary applications.


Please note that you have the right to discontinue our services at any time without any moral, legal, or further financial obligations other than those already incurred. You also have the right to refuse any service that you don’t want and to discontinue any services you have already started. If you choose to discontinue all services before the retainer period has been completed, a prompt refund of the unused portion will be remitted to the client.


If you must cancel an appointment made with a Child and Family Resources Coach, please call us as soon as possible before the scheduled appointment. We would greatly appreciate if notification can be made 24 or more hours in advance, but this is not required. No financial obligation will be incurred for cancellations if made by at least 90 minutes before the appointment time; however, missed appointments or late cancellations will incur a $50 charge in consideration of the Coach’s scheduling requirements and time and travel costs.

PLEASE NOTE: As you consider retaining our services, please understand that family situations can be very complex. It is our goal to help your family thrive. However, we wish to remind you that making changes to a family’s routine, dealing with difficult issues, or implementing new strategies or techniques in the home can potentially result in increased or intensified behavioral reactions. Typically, these reactions are temporary and can be resolved with consistent support. Please feel free to discuss any questions or feelings you may have in regard to services with the Child and Family Resources Coach.

Please Note: Child and Family Resources, LLC is a child and family wellness coaching service. We train, model, and build on our families’ strengths. We do not provide counseling services.