Success Stories

Here are just a few stories from some of our clients:

“My granddaughter has Cerebral Palsy, as well as the effects of a severe brain injury sustained in a car wreck before her birth. Brooklyn is now a teenager but she is non-verbal and does not have the use of her legs. In less than a month of intensive coaching from Child and Family Coach Susanne Green, my Brooklyn progressed more than in all the previous programs and therapies we had ever tried. She improved in strength, in physical and cognitive skill, in attitude and general well-being. Brooklyn now lives in Florida, but I would gladly trust my child with Child and Family Resources anytime.”

J. S. – Franklin, TN

“My husband and I are raising our 3 grandchildren, all of whom have behavior and attachment issues resulting from their parents’ substance abuse. The kids have been in counseling but talking things out just wasn’t enough. I had reached my wit’s end when, by accident, I ran across Child and Family Resources. What a Godsend they were! A Coach came into our home and in just a few weeks’ time, she gave me the additional support I needed to take back control of our family. Moreover, she helped me work through some of my issues which were naturally triggered by the kid’s behavior and made me a better parent and support to the children!”

K. G. – Franklin, TN

“When your 20-year-old son says, ‘Getting me a coach from Child and Family Resources is the best thing you’ve ever done for me’, you know that he’s making progress and we’re on the right path. My son has been diagnosed with Asperger’s. His particular form results in extreme environmental sensory sensitivities which, at times, overwhelm him and inhibit his ability to keep his natural anger and frustration contained. He is highly intelligent and perceptive, but is often viewed simply as egocentric, defiant and anti-social. It’s been a validating process for me to see that my son does have a caring heart and can be extremely perceptive of his own and other people’s feelings. Child and Family Resources has helped me have a better understanding of my son and the terrific struggles he goes through on a day-to-day basis. They bridged the gap in the relationship between me and my son by helping us establish more trust in each other.”

R. G. – Franklin, TN

“We have adopted children in our home who have on-going insecurity struggles relating to life before they were adopted. Meeting Susanne was an answer to prayers. Susanne’s method of working with children is very different from our previous experiences in that she comes on-site to our home to work with the children. This allows for a secure, calm, and soothing atmosphere rather than trying to engender trust in a sterile, clinical setting. Working with Susanne over just a few months’ time, we have come to recognize and understand many obstacles that a parent cannot observe in an office environment and have been afforded a plan of action to facilitate on-going healing for the children. Susanne has been the epitome of encouragement and support in this process and has given our family more success than anyone we have worked with in the past.”

N. S. – Williamson County, TN

Please Note: Child and Family Resources, LLC is a child and family wellness coaching service. We train, model, and build on our families’ strengths. We do not provide counseling services.