What Happens First

Contacting Child and Family Resources automatically qualifies you for a free, one hour consultation. We want to meet you face to face to discuss your family’s situation and needs. So, first… we listen.

About your child:

  • What are your concerns?
  • Please tell me about your child? Does he/she have a diagnosis?   If so, what is it?
  • What, if any, services are currently in place to help your child?
  • What goals would you like to see your child achieve?

About your family:

  • How many people are in your household?
  • What is their relationship to your child?
  • If there are siblings, how do their needs/activities affect the life of your child?
  • How does your child’s needs/activities affect the lives of his/her siblings?
  • How are the lives of the parents affected?
  • What goals would you like to see the family achieve?

Once we’ve assessed your situation and concerns, we can begin to create a plan tailored specifically to the needs of your child and family. Our aim is to help you in whatever way necessary – coaching education, advocacy, emotional support – and to walk you through the process every step of the way. Our desire is to connect and support your family as a whole. We want to empower you to make educated decisions to encourage success on every level, not only for your child, but in your home life as well.

Please Note: Child and Family Resources, LLC is a child and family wellness coaching service. We train, model, and build on our families’ strengths. We do not provide counseling services.